When I choose to prompt users with a gift, who pays for that gift?

Pollfish platform is responsible for providing and delivering the gifts.

Can I disable gift prompt through my app?

Yes you can easily do that any time through Pollfish Developer dashboard in the Settings area of your app

What kind of gifts do you show to the user?

It varies based on the location of the survey respondent or the survey creator. Usually it is an Amazon gift card.

Does every user win a gift by participating to the survey?

No, users take part to draws that happen on a specific date. This date is shown to the user on the last screen when completing a survey

How do users get notified if they win a gift at a Pollfish draw?

Users get notified through an email they entered at the last step when completing a Pollfish survey

Are users required to enter their email after completing a Pollfish survey?

No, it is optional for users to enter or not their email in order to get notified if they win at Pollfish draws. App partners get paid even if user did not enter his/her email.

How does gift prompt affect the content rating of my app?

If you select to prompt your users with a gift on Pollfish Developer Dashboard you should declare this on the relevant Store when uploading your app.

Google Play

In content rating screen, you should select Yes in the following questions since users will participate to draws

Moreover since users submit their emails in order to participate to Pollfish draws you should also select Yes to the following:

If you have "Prompt with a gift" disabled on your dashboard you should declare "No" to the questions above.


If you use gift prompting in your app you should select Yes in the Gambling and Contests section while uploading your app.

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