Pricing for each completed survey is just $1! You can now add up to a max of 25 Questions. Additional charges are $0.50 for each screening question, $0.50 to target an individual gender and $0.50 to enable quotas. Also it's $0.50 for every age range removal (expect 14-17) with a maximum increment of $1 for that and $1 to add specific age ranges. DMA targeting costs $0.50, as well as Zip Code targeting and Radius Targeting. However, location targeting is FREE! Keep in mind that targeting with demographics will increase the cost to $0.50.

Maximum price per survey is $4 for users on the basic plan, $3 for teams on the business plan and $2.5 for teams on the enterprise plan.

Last but not least, for having more than 17 questions to your survey the price of the survey will increase by $0.25. Also for having more than 20 questions the price of the survey will be increased by another $0.25.

(You can add up to two screening questions per survey)

You only pay per completed survey, not per respondents (for example, you don’t pay for incomplete surveys or those who did not pass the screening qualification).

You can find out more information regarding our pricing plans here:

Don't forget to take a look here on our pricing calculator

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