Unfortunately there is no single answer to this question. Pollfish is a survey platform and surveys are distributed based on survey creator needs, as they come and go to the platform in an ad-hoc, unpredicted way whilst using our DIY survey tool. For example, a survey might be targeted towards women in New York that own a dog. If your app does not have such users, no surveys will run through your app. Another survey may be targeting 24 to 32y.o. males in London. Again, if you app does not have such users, no surveys will be distributed from the platform, even though other apps may appear to receive them. To recap, you may not receive surveys from the platform even when other apps are receiving some. The main point is that survey distribution depends highly on survey creator needs and your app's user profiles. Moreover, our top geos at the moment (based on last month's stats) are the US and UK.

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