What are the payment terms?

Monthly payments with minimum payments at $30 with Net14.

What are the payment options?

There is a variety of payment options that you can select through Pollfish Dashboard:

  • ACH

  • eCheck / Global-ACH / Local Bank Transfer

  • Paper Check

  • International Wire Transfer

  • US Wire Transfer

  • PayPal

  • Pre-paid Debit card

or withhold payments in your account for the next month. Availability of these options depend on your location.

Fees maybe deducted from revenue based on the selected method.

In which currency do payments occur?

Payments occur in USD by default.

How do I get paid?

It is a CPA model. You get paid per completed survey through your app. You are not getting paid for non completed surveys.

How do I set my preferred Payment Method

You have to login at Pollfish Developer Dashboard with your credentials and enter your preferred payment method at Account Information section

What is the procedure of getting paid?

All payments are issued on the 14th of every month (the transaction might be displayed some days later to some accounts due to their bank's limitations).

You can download your invoice at any time through the Dashboard

What happens to my revenue if I do not reach the minimum payout threshold at the end of the month?

Your money are transferred to the next month's balance.

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