I am testing in debug mode but cannot see any survey on my device, what is wrong?

a) If you are testing on an Android device, please do check your internet connection.

b) If you are testing on an iOS device, please go to Privacy settings -> Advertising and disable Limit Ad Tracking if enabled. Please also make sure that you are connected to the internet.

I am testing in release mode but cannot see any survey on my device, what is wrong?

This is not the proper way of testing Pollfish. Please release your app in a relevant Store in order to start receiving real surveys.

Surveys are distributed based on survey creator needs as they come and go to the platform in an ad-hoc unpredicted way in order to use our DIY survey tool. Having that said you maybe not be able to see a survey on some devices while other users of your app may see a survey. This happens because surveys are served based on the targeting criteria of the survey creator.

If your app works fine in debug more then you should not worry. Just sign your app and release it in the relevant store.

For example, You are a woman living in Rome and you are trying to see a Pollfish survey on your device. A survey creator joins the platform and requires 1000 responses from men in Rome. The survey goes live and runs between 15:00 am -15:30 am and surveys are distributed on devices of men in Rome. At that point in time that user is not eligible for that survey and if no other survey creators target that user she will not be able to see a survey. Other surveys may target that user later on. Having that said testing Pollfish surveys in release mode is not the right way of testing Pollfish.

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