Nonprofit Surveys

How To Use Surveys To Make A Difference

Are your fundraisers successful? Are your volunteers happy? Did anyone actually like those homemade biscuits last week? A cheap and easy way to get answers to questions like these is through surveys. This can help your non-profit organisation gain a better understanding of people’s experiences, why funders donate and how your events could be improved. Ultimately, through surveys, you can work towards improving the effectiveness of your organisation and increasing the awareness of your cause. At Pollfish, we have a global consumer network of hundreds of millions of people ready for you to access, as well as specific targeting options, so you can decide who you want to target with your survey. Here are some tips to getting the best responses to a nonprofit survey:

  1. Write a welcoming introduction.

People want to know that their responses will be contributing to something good. So include an introduction for your survey telling people what their results will be used for and how you will be using them to improve your organisation.

  1. Keep your questions short and sweet.

Clarity is key. Stick to the point and ask certain questions with specific objectives. In this way, your targeted demographic won’t zone out answering loads of unnecessary questions, and you’ll have responses to the questions you desperately need answered. It would also be a good idea to hone in on exactly what you want to find out and who you want to ask these questions to – are you focussing on those who regularly attend fundraisers, or newbies who you want to attract? At Pollfish we offer targeting and screening questions so that you can narrow down who your survey will be sent to in order to reach the people you need to.

  1. Follow up!

The most successful surveys occur over time. What this means is that you will get answers from your respondents over many successive surveys, so be nice to them. They should receive a thank you for taking their time with you. Do not let this thank you look or feel fake, because your customers will feel ignored.
 We understand that as a nonprofit organization, you need tools that are inexpensive and quick. With our surveys starting from as little as $1 per survey and with results available within hours, Pollfish is here to help. Even more than that, we believe in 24/7 communication with our customers and there will always be someone manning our helpdesk to help you with anything in regards to your nonprofit survey.

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