Consumer and Customer Surveys

“The Customer Is Always Right”

You’ve heard of the phrase “The customer is always right”, right? Well that’s because they normally are. Especially when they’re giving feedback. That’s why discovering and understanding what they think about your product/business/brand is important as, ultimately, it is your customers that will make or break you.

One way that you can find out how your customers are feeling is through surveys. With a survey, you will be able to gather valuable information about the consumer experience and can adjust accordingly. This will be effective in the long run, as listening to customer feedback will inevitably lead to improving people’s experience and creating a loyal customer base.

At Pollfish, you can create a survey to find out exactly what your consumers think. With our different question formats, this can be done in many different ways depending on what you want to find out. You can, for example, attach videos if you want consumer feedback on a new advert. You can also add in targeting if you only want to find out what a certain demographic of your customers are thinking about certain issues.

As well as improving the experience of existing customers, you can also use surveys to determine the best way to reach new customers in the future. Through finding out how you are viewed by your customers, you can adjust and adapt in order to create a better experience for everyone. Here are a few tips to writing the most effective customer feedback survey:

  1. Construct a short, yet compelling invitation

The invitation is often the make-or-break factor in determining whether the recipient clicks through to and completes the survey. Keep this invitation as brief as possible – but without leaving out important details. Make sure that the recipient knows it is coming from your company and briefly explain what the survey will be about. This will be effective because it will refresh the customers’ mind and increase the chance of getting better results.

  1. Don’t go on and on and on and….

No one wants to waste their valuable free time answering hundreds and thousands of questions about your company. So keep your survey short and sweet, but make sure you don’t sacrifice your ultimate goal. Do this by losing unnecessary questions and by making the questions you use specific and useful.

  1. Optimize for mobile

Over 50 percent of most demographic groups possess a smartphone, and this number is only increasing. Since the average person checks their phone up to 150x a day, chances are you’re going to connect with your audience a lot sooner than on other platforms. By optimizing for mobile usage, your survey will reach more people and by extending the reach of your survey, you will also get survey responses faster. There is no better way to connect with consumers in the 21st century than reaching them where they are most accessible: on their mobile devices. In this way, you can reach existing or potential customers quickly and will be able to learn what they think within hours of creating your survey.

  1. Offer incentives

Depending on your audience, offer incentives or prizes for completing the survey. Incentives undoubtedly lead to more and faster survey responses, but they also occasionally lead to rushed answers and incomplete submissions. Make sure the incentive correlates with the survey and the targeted audience. If you’ve crafted a compelling invitation, your survey response rate should increase on its own. However, everyone appreciates added incentives.

Customer experience is key for your business to succeed and creating a survey with Pollfish is the quick and easy solution to discover what your customers are feeling. So what are you waiting for? Find out what your business needs now!

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