Setting Age Ranges in Mobile Surveys

Setting Age Ranges

How do you make sure people from certain age ranges take your survey? It’s simple to set age ranges to ensure the right people take your survey. Let’s say you wanted to target respondents from age 18 to 34, simply deselect the other age brackets in the Target Audience page as shown below

Remember however that you can always filter your results by selecting/deselecting the age criteria AFTER your survey has ended, to see how particular age groups responded to your survey questions.

Setting Specific Age Ranges

How do you make sure people from specific age ranges take your survey? You can create your own age range! Just enable 'Switch to specific age range' and input your desired Minimum/Maximum age range as shown in the above example

What’s important to consider in a mobile survey?

There is a staggering number of Americans across all age groups that rely on their cell phones as their primary means of communication (57%), and many have even switched to wireless-only (41%). Further on, for the first time in 2015, mobile internet usage in the United States surpassed that of desktop usage. And there are some age groups that use their mobile device as their primary or only means of connecting to the Internet.

This means that some demographics will only be reachable via mobile devices, and other users will continue to shift towards utilizing mobile as their primary means for Internet access and spend more time on the device – thus making them more accessible.

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