Rating Questions for Mobile Surveys

Rating Questions For Graphical User Feedback

Rating Questions and Slider Questions allow participants to weigh, or assign numerical values to answers via a graphical interface – using a simple 1-5 star rating system, or 0-100 scale where a higher number is a better score.

Rating Questions are particularly effective on mobile, due to the graphic user interface, and simple tap-to-enter, or drag-and-drop functionality.

They can be used to evaluate a variety of topics or stimuli, including statement, images, or videos.

What to consider when designing a mobile survey?

Since most mobile users prefer simple gestures that can be performed with one hand, these questions are favorites among respondents for their ease of use because of their tapping or drag-and-drop capabilities.

Star Ratings, where the scale is 1-5, typically will get more responses.

Slider Ratings, where the scale is 1-100, will provide a wider distribution of responses.

However, do note that the information you gain is on one parameter – their preference of a particular piece of content.

You can use a series of rating questions to understand preference for different topics and then compare the results.

Also consider injecting different types of questions so as to avoid participants falling into a response pattern.

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