Matrix Type Survey Questions

What are Matrix Type Survey Questions? How are they useful?

Matrix questions are a type of closed-ended question that allows a researcher to ask a respondent about several topics at once in different rows (horizontally) and evaluate them all at once by providing the same choices in each column (vertically).

Matrix questions are a type of Likert scale question – the benefit is that you can ask opinions of people on multiple variables in one question, to see how they compare. This can be very engaging, and provide a great amount of insight when comparing items, versus separate questions about each topic being studied.

How to use Matrix Questions in Mobile Surveys

In a mobile-optimized survey, screen space is limited, and in order to keep a user engaged, we want to ensure the experience of reviewing, evaluating, and answering the question choices flows easily, and naturally – therefore we maximize the number of answer statements (rows) and evaluation choices (columns) to 10 and 7 – to be easily viewed on most screens.

When to use Single, vs Multiple-Selection Matrix Questions?

A single selection matrix question requires the user to choose one option for each row, comparing each row against one another. This is very similar to a ranking question, For example:

A multiple selection matrix question allows the user to select the same answer (in a row) for multiple answers, thus they can assign the same answer value (columns) to multiple items (rows).

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