Inserting Images into Questions on Mobile Surveys

Using Images to Enhance Your Mobile Survey

Image-based Questions where the respondent must view and image before responding, are particularly powerful to the modern market researcher. Images can be uploaded into any question type, Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Rating/Slider, or Open-Ended questions – to gather quantitative and qualitative data and response about the image or series of images.

What to consider when designing a mobile survey?

Images are a very engaging for respondent, and increase participation rates. You can upload all types of images from corporate logos, to ad concepts, to even visual representations of questions. The files uploaded should not be more than 1MB, as this affects download times and therefore participation rates.
 Images can be of any file type, but you must ensure the quality of the image by previewing the question on the Preview Page.

Pro Tip: How to compare two images

Typically researcher want to know a respondent’s opinions on an image compared to another. This can be tricky on a mobile phone, as the screen size will limit the viewing size of both images.
 If you can, combine both images side by side, with clear areas or lines of separation, (similar to below), and ask users to select which one is preferable.

Alternatively, you can show the two images in a row to get instant feedback on each, individually and compare results.
 You can also combine both methods for even more powerful comparitive data sets.
 Be sure you have permission to use the images in your survey.

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