Branching and Survey Skip Logic

What is Branching and Survey Logic? A Very Useful Survey Tool

Branching and survey logic enable you to create a different respondent experience in your survey, based on their answers. Branching functionality enables you to apply survey “skip logic”, and tailor the question path for respondents, and have them skip questions that don’t apply to them.

Why is Survey Skip Logic Valuable?

Survey skip logic enables you to dive deeper into a particular area of study, based on the respondents answer. It allows speeds up the survey experience for the user, avoiding them answering questions that are not relevant – which could otherwise skew your data.

Skip Logic enables you to:

  • Direct respondents to relevant questions, based on answers
  • Ask more in-depth follow up questions, to further understand a subject
  • Terminate a survey for a user if they don’t match your criteria

Skip Logic Example

Say you wanted to survey iPhone users about their use of Apple Pay.

  1. You first want to screen out iPhone users, versus other types
     – iPhone users SKIP to next question
     – Other SKIP to end of survey
  2. You will want to find out if they use Apple Pay
     – Apple Pay users SKIP to next question
     – Non-users may SKIP to the end of survey, or a question on other online payment behaviors
  3. You may want to ask their frequency of use
     – Infrequent users can SKIP to a question on why they don’t use it more
     – Advanced users can SKIP to a question on where they use it

As you can see from the example above, asking an Android users all of these questions would yield poor data, as they are not credentialed to answer honestly (it would not be from a place of experience/authority, and would be just guesses).

Asking an iPhone user who doesn’t use Apple Pay would not be beneficial to your survey results in Question 3.

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