Online Polls

Where in London makes the best coffee? What ice cream brand has the most flavours? Does this advert promote your brand well? Were Ross and Rachel really “on a break”? Sometimes you need answers fast and feedback As Soon As Possible. Online polls are a fantastic tool to use in order to get responses from your audience or customers any time, quickly and easily.

At Pollfish, you can create an online survey in minutes and get responses within hours. And it’s super easy to do:

  1. Choose your audience – We have a global network of millions of consumers ready to be accessed, but you can also narrow down your survey respondents through targeting and screening questions, so you can capture your ideal target audience.
  1. Write your questions – We offer loads of different question formats in order to suit your question style. You can choose formats ranging from numerical to open ended, and can even upload images and videos. Just remember to keep it light and fun – most mobile users respond better to short questions with tap answers and tend to zone out after 15 questions!
  1. Have your survey reviewed by our 24/7 support team – Once you’ve completed your survey, and before it is released, our support team will go through it quickly to check that it is okay. We’ve done this before, so can often offer you suggestions so that you will get the best data possible. This service is available 24/7 to allow you to get your best survey out as quickly as possible.
  1. Watch your results roll in! – Having made sure your survey is perfect, we will then send your survey out to our vast global network of mobile users. Since the average person checks their phone up to 150x a day, chances are you’re going to connect with your audience a lot sooner than on other platforms. This means that you can get results to your survey within hours.

Easy, right? Online polls can be used for all manner of things, from getting feedback on your business to finding out what’s the best movie on Netflix at the moment. With Pollfish, we can help you from start to finish – assisting with the creation, refining the delivery and collecting your survey responses.

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