3rd party surveys are surveys created on another platform and are distributed via Pollfish! You can distribute your survey to a massive mobile app network while still using any survey platform. You can find the process step by step below! Please mind that the minimum requested number is 400 responses in 3rd party surveys.

You can use any legit third-party platform to connect Pollfish. Please mind that we do not support Google Surveys. Some examples are below:

Finally, while you can target users based on their demographics we will not share any demographic data! Thus, if you want to collect the user's demographic information, you need to add the related demographic question(s) within the 3rd party survey.

The process.

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click on the "Create new survey" button at the upper right corner of your dashboard.
  3. Choose the "Already have an external tool? Link 3rd party survey" option.
  4. Name your survey (optional), then start creating your targeting (number of completes, languages, demographic criteria) and/or add a Screening Question. Also, please mind that you need to use Pollfish’s screening questions instead of adding them to your 3rd party questionnaire.
  5. Then, click on ''Link Survey'' at the upper side of your targeting page. Paste the Live link of your survey to establish the communication! 

6. Copy the redirect URLs and paste them to the proper location in your survey tool.

7. If your 3rd party platform, offers a test URL, input it here. Otherwise use your live URL. Then, click on "Test Now" and get verified.

8. Finally, confirm that you agree with the following statements and proceed to checkout!

*Typeform: If you'd like to run a 3rd party survey through Typeform, you need to become a Pro user on Typeform. Typeform states "Redirect on completion is a PRO+ feature that loads a new web address when a form is submitted, no matter what someone responded"
QuestionPro also requires an upgraded account for redirection to other pages at the end of a survey.

Happy results!

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