What is a 3rd Party Survey?

Using Pollfish as 3rd Party Survey distributor you could access the highest quality data, instantly and anywhere across the globe.
You could buy survey respondents from a massive mobile app network, while still using any survey platform.

You can use a third-party link to connect to our audience from any survey tool.

Have in mind that we partner with 140K+ mobile apps distributed throughout the App Store and Google Play. Our unique partnership model and audience size means we can offer access to real mobile consumers at a massive scale and provide sample for any size survey. We are talking to everyday people like you and me, not professional panelists.

Finally, while you can target users based on their demographics we won't be sharing those information with you. Therefore, if you wish to collect demographic information of the respondents you need to ask the relevant question/s within the survey.

What's the process of using 3rd Party Surveys?

  1. Register with a FREE account as a researcher at www.pollfish.com
  2. Select "Create new survey" on your survey dashboard here
  3. Choose "Link 3rd Party Survey" and power your existing survey with Pollfish’s audience by linking to an external tool like SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics, and more.
  4. Name your survey (optional), choose your desired targeting carefully, add a Screening Question (optional), select your survey language and proceed to the next step.
  5. Choose the Number of Completes and calculate the total cost as well as the estimated completion time. Proceed to the next page.
  6. Paste the Live link of your survey to connect to respondents.

7. Copy the redirect links to your survey tool to establish communication between our audience and your survey.

8. If your test survey offers a test URL, input it here. Otherwise use your live URL. Select "Test Now" in order to get verified.

9. Finally, confirm that you agree with the following statements and proceed to checkout!

*Typeform: If you'd like to run a 3rd party survey through Typeform, you need to become a Pro user on Typeform. Typeform states "Redirect on completion is a PRO+ feature that loads a new web address when a form is submitted, no matter what someone responded"

Happy results!

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