We don't recruit people to just take your survey nor do we work with professional panelists. Our audience consists of actual and real consumers like me and you, who are selected automatically through a vast network of partner smartphone apps and websites. We currently access more than 600M+ consumers while everyday more than 200k new users join our network. That allows us to keep our audience fresh and clean in order to respond to your surveys. 

Pollfish’s survey methodology is based on a revolutionary way of targeting audiences and collecting data, through the use of proprietary and third-party mobile phone applications. Applying several safeguards like weighting adjustments, combined with a brand-new sampling method (set as default), we provide all our clients with fast and reliable data, whilst keeping selection and/or non-response bias under control. But we haven’t stopped there. We have developed a set of automated techniques and algorithms to ensure that you get only legitimate responses. Some of those take into account unique device id, IP, proxy, device type, location etc.

We know that without quality, your data means nothing. We have implemented a number of technical measure to ensure the quality of your results, by injecting quality questions, avoiding pitfalls such as speeding through surveys etc. We also do a quality check on the survey results to ensure accuracy, reliability and validity. Here comes the scientific part; take a look here to find out more on survey research and how biased the samples can be: http://researchdmr.com/FastCheapAccurate.pdf

We do not do mobile adverts. We are an online survey platform and you get a chance to preview your survey on a simulation screen the size of a mobile phone screen. You will find a preview button at the bottom of your survey creating page. If you also want to see how Pollfish surveys appear on a mobile phone screen you may download our test app (https://www.pollfish.com/publisher/demo).

Finally, all the demographic information we provide on our respondents is first-hand information, ie we have sent out demographic surveys to all users on the platform and we base the data we share on that.

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