A screening question, when used correctly, will "make" your survey. Some things to keep in mind: the answer you are looking for should not be obvious to the respondents, in order to avoid false positives.
Instead of asking "Do you work in sales?" and providing YES/NO answers, ask "What best describes your current employment situation? with answers like "Work in the health industry, Work in the finance industry, Work in the sales industry etc". Then only accept the answer you want and you will have a high probability of getting truthful and reliable answers from your audience.

When choosing to use a Multiple Screening Question, respondents that pick any one of your accepted answers, will be allowed to proceed with the survey. That means that even if they pick a disqualifying answer, they will take your survey if at least one of their responses is amongst the accepted ones.
If you want to know more, have a look here: https://help.pollfish.com/audience-selection-and-targeting/using-screening-questions-to-find-the-right-audience

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